There are four things you should be doing to market your medical practice. Of the four, Strategic Planning is the first. Let’s look at one media platform that is often overlooked: your phone messaging system. Did you know that 70% of phone calls to most medical practices result in being placed on hold? The average on-hold time is 30 seconds. Thirty-seconds is the average length of a television commercial! Do you have a new medical procedure or service that benefits your patients? Would you like to introduce the newest doctor to your clients? This is a prime opportunity to reach, educate, and retain your patients.

Creating a voice marketing message is a vital part of your branding campaign for your medical practice and should be included in your marketing plans. WHY? It’s convenient, affordable, adaptable, and trackable. Now, I know you have a family member who has a great singing voice who could record them for you, but would you let the family seamstress perform surgery on you?

Last year, 94th Street Marketing partnered with JVOX Medical Messaging to create specialized voice marketing messages for our medical clientele. Our goal is to ensure our clients’ marketing message is being fully implemented on all media platforms. Having a well-scripted message to complement your medical services is just as important as having a great endorsement of your practice.

To learn more about JVOX Medical Messaging, click here. Listen to the demos. Now, call your practice’s number and listen to what your patients hear while on hold. What does that message say to you?

94th Street Marketing Group is a niche advertising agency that works with physicians in all specialties. We help medical professionals develop their local branding and marketing message. Why us? We know what works and doesn’t work to position a medical practice — and we do it without overspending. We Are a Budget Conscious Marketing Agency.

JVOX’s vision is to ENGAGE, EMPOWER, and EDUCATE through voice and experiences. Using a pleasant, confident, conversational tone, JVOX can help shape a positive image of your medical practice by using a captivating marketing message that will engage, empower, and educate your patients.