Effective marketing is power. Top medical practices know the value of having an integrated marketing plan that includes traditional and social marketing to reach, retain and engage patients. Having a strategy, solution and knowing your target audience is essential in making your medical practice a success in 2017.

If your marketing strategy is looking in the rear view mirror at things that didn’t work for your practice or copying a competitors strategy, it’s time to seek help and change your strategy.

Essential items to consider in your market planning:

Website & Local N.A.P – Is your local Medical Practice information up-to-date? see my post ( The 4 New Years Resolutions You Need to Make In 2016 To Position Your Medical Practice Locally)
Endorsement & Reviews – Do you have a strategy and reliable platform to engage patients to become ambassadors for your medical practice?
Message On-Hold – Are you using your phone system as a marketing tool, Do you have a promotional message for your patients when they are placed on hold?
Social Media – Do you know which platforms your patients are using, Do you have a social media presence?
Over the next four months we post on each of the above marketing platforms, which will give you some insights into how you can use these platforms to make your medical practice a Success in 2017. If you can’t wait for the next 4 months, give us a call or review my other linkedin posts, (“Could Your Medical Practice Win a Super Bowl” and “What Is Your U.S.P”).

94th Street Marketing Group is a niche-advertising agency that works with physicians in all specialties. We help medical professionals develop their local branding and marketing message. Why us? We know what works and doesn’t work to locally position a medical practice; and, we do it without overspending.

That’s why our tagline is: “We Are Budget-Conscious Marketing Agency.”